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Your business cannot succeed without attracting customers and closing sales. Use these marketing and sales techniques to maximize your business revenue.

Understanding Marketing Basics

Make sure you understand all the basics of marketing, such as online marketing, branding, advertising, market research, and more.

Visit Small Business Services Canada to learn about the basics of marketing.

Define Your Marketing Strategy

Once you understand the marketing landscape, it’s time to define your company’s marketing strategy. To market to your target audiences, you need to have a clear definition of your concept, image, market, and competition. You also need to find the right mix of product, price, place, and promotion.

Read Small Business Services Canada’s guide to marketing strategy to learn about the different strategies you can use for marketing your small business.

Prepare for Selling Online

When you are defining your marketing strategy, you will need to decide on the “place” or distribution channels you will use—how will you get your products into your customers’ hands? If you, like many other business owners, decide to use online sales as a distribution strategy, you will likely need a website (unless you sell through an online marketplace like Amazon or Etsy).

To get started, review Small Business Services Canada’s guides for developing your website and online sales. There are many easy, user-friendly website development software systems available, but you may still need to hire a qualified web developer to build or edit some areas of your website or integrate ecommerce software to enable online sales.

You can also head over to our blog to learn more about provincial regulations, sales tax, and selling internationally for online sellers.

Create a Marketing Plan

Marketing plans are a key part of your overall business plan and important for securing financing.

Visit Small Business Services Canada guide to developing a marketing plan to find out how to plan, write, and implement a marketing plan for your business.

Promote and Advertise Your Business

There are many free and paid advertising opportunities available, depending on how much time and money you have to promote your business. Social media, public relations, paid advertising, online marketing, signage, print advertising—the choices are endless.

Make the Sale and Maintain the Customer Relationship

Learning how to find leads, make sales, and build long-term customer relationships takes time and practice. See Small Business Services Canadainformation on sales and customer relationship management to find new techniques and advice.

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